About us

TRADEBANCO Building Beautiful Brands

Tradebanco is a leading distributor on the Swedish cosmetics market and has been since 1946. Our company distributes a variety of leading brands from international as well as domestic partners, working with the mass market segment as well as the specialty trade.

Our office and very efficient distribution center are located in Malmö in the south of Sweden. The organization is both professional and flexible which is supported by a well functional structure and a solid financial platform from more than 70 years of private ownership.


Tradebanco cooperates with all chains within the speciality channel, like Åhléns, H&M, Kicks, Coop Speciality, Parelle, Lindex and Cubus as well as more or less all the independent perfumeries.

Within the mass market channel we cooperates with the four main chains; ICA, COOP, Axfood and Bergendahls. In the pharmacy channel we work with the market leaders  and in the travel retail channel we cooperates with the major purchasing groups.

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